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ISF Metal
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For the past 30 years...

Metalsmith Benji Carr has worked with each patron to assure function and aesthetic requirements are met, as he continues to deliver superior craftmanship.

Custom Craft can be affordable! All of the pieces on this site are unique, hand crafted, and designed to customer specifications.  We look forward to talking with you about your vision!  Together we can develop your ideal piece. That custom application that can't be found in catalogs or stores, can be fabricated in our studios.  We are happy to work with funding large and small to help you realize the dream.
We specialize in original, quality crafted iron work, designed according to your specifications. The pictures in this gallery are just examples of the many types of work that can be specialized to fit your needs. Functional and decorative pieces are forged or cast for residential or corporate environments. Benji has an eye for detail, and a love of forging. Committed to the finished product, he devotes himself to his projects, ensuring that each piece is as close to perfection as it can be. The results are truly one-of-a-kind!  

ISF Metal

Featured Work

Listed below are recent works that Benji has finished for clients:


Frontpage Image Railings
This custom interior railing with a textured finish.
Visit Railings Gallery



Frontpage Image Custom Doors
Cutom Front Door recently completed for client on Canandaigua Lake.
Visit Door Gallery



Frontpage Image Fireplaces
Two Door, Tempered Glass, Proven Fire Safety Fireplace. Visit Gallery to see 4 Bi-Folding Door Configurations with Heat Resistant Colors.
Visit Fireplace Gallery



Frontpage Image Gates
This gate was recently finished for a client as an entry gate to their home. Visit Benji's portfolio to view other types of indoor and outdoor gates.
Visit Gate Gallery



Frontpage Image See How Its Done
In his portfolio, Benji demonstrates some of his work in his shop. Catch a glimpse into how metalsmithing is done.
Visit Shop Pics Gallery


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